Pretty Simple

I'm not sure why someone would sell their home with anyone else? Look at his listings, the photos and movies he does. Made our home look better than it was, we didn't want to move after seeing the movie and pictures, and reading his sincere descriptions. He 'Got' our homes value and features, we could tell right away he loves what he does. We sold for more money than we deserved, and moved to AZ. We still look at our beautiful home gallery and it gets me teared-up. We will come back to the Island someday, and use JP all over again. THANK YOU Again JP.

2022 Client

This is the guy you are all hoping to find! We've had experience with other agents and some are ok, but most are inexperienced. JP not only has experience (21 Years!?), but offers competence, insight, and a no nonsense approach to real estate. He doesn't waste your time with misleading information and is very considerate of your personal needs. He tells it like it is so there aren't any surprises. JP is a family oriented, friendly agent. We would recommend him to everyone!

Sold From Network

Sold our view home in 2021 within one week! Very energetic, told us a few simple things to do to make our home look more appealing, posted great pictures, called his contacts to spread the word, and found us a buyer. Most importantly, he's honest! Thanks, JP! -Rebb

First Time Buyers 2022

JP DeBoer exceeded every expectation that my wife and I had when we decided to buy a home. We had never been through it before, and the process threatened to be a little overwhelming with our friends saying you won't be able to beat cash offers. But thanks to JP, not only were we not overwhelmed, we had a great time and found the perfect house for us! Due to JP's insight, experience, and communication skills, we were able to get the home we wanted by presenting a very clean, simple offer that beat HIGHER offers! We were so thrilled, literally to tears!

I will not hesitate for a moment the next time someone asks me if I know a good real estate agent. JP is the best!

SOLD in Hours!

JP is by far the best realtor we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He helped us find the lot of our dreams and then sold our home. He is so knowledgeable about the real estate and was great at helping us to price our home at a fair price so we were able to sell in a short amount of time. He told us exactly what we needed to do to get our house ready to sell. JP was there every step of the way and always wiling to answer any questions or concerns we had. Everything he said was right on. This is one guy you can DEFINITELY trust. We loved him so much that our parents are planning on using him for their own real estate needs. If you are looking for the best, look no further! JP is your guy. -Shansar

Out Of Town Buyers

JP quickly picked up on what we were looking for in a house and gave us honest feedback on the houses we wanted to look at. He knows Camano Island very well and was able to give background on many of the neighborhoods we were looking at.

Since we live 1.5 hours away, he was willing to visit houses for us and send pictures or videos as requested so that we could vet houses easier w/o driving all the way there. He quickly answered MANY e-mails we sent with all of our questions.

When we did find a house we wanted, JP was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the closing process. We hadn't bought a house in 30 years, and had heard horror stories about negotiations, inspections, financing, closing, etc. None of that happened with us. JP was able to navigate the finance company, title company, etc with ease and helped us through every step of the process. We couldn't believe how quickly and easily everything went.

We would recommend JP in a heartbeat. -jsdecker72

Over Priced our Home?

We are so indebted to JP. Still can't believe it; we were tentative in listing our home, for too-high of a price. Almost ashamed, family/neighbors warned us about going so high. But JP was adamant about pricing (when other local 'experts' told us much much less). He was right, even predicting who would buy our home and had multiple offers! We never worried, great communication and felt we were in VERY capable hands. Even the other agent was asking him questions for help. We will, and have, recommended JP to all our friends.


I would recommend JP without reservation. He knows Camano Island intimately, understands real estate law and is able to find answers instantly for anything that may come up. He replies immediately to our questions even on his busiest days. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to negotiate on our behalf. -B.A.

Experience Pays Off

J.P. was an amazing agent, he was hard working, very easy to get a hold of, friendly and always on top of everything. He knew more about the financing than our mortgage broker, and single handedly got our home closed under very difficult conditions. There is not another agent with the knowledge of Camano Island he has and I would never think of using another agent for any real estate needs, and I am always suggesting him to my family and friends. J.P. made what could have been a very stressful and disappointing time into a joy of an experience. If you are using any other agent you are missing out. -santerj